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  1. Hello ther, I would like to get in touch with you, I have re read your post on Carbury Hill and I am fascinated... I am living 20 mins form the place now, moved here form Sedona Arizona, thank you for your insights and history information... can you direct me to more mythology/history?

  2. Hi, great to hear from you and glad you like the page!
    Carbury Hill is quite a place, and definitely worth a visit - esp. if you only live down the road! 🙂 There are many other blogs and facebook/twitter/Instagram pages about Irish history and mythology. One of my favorite ones is: History Ireland (also a paper magazine) ; ;
    Also,the facebook page 'The Irish Way' always has interesting posts and links about mythology, folklore and history. Hope that helps!
    Greetings & have fun exploring,

  3. My great grandfather was born in Seven Churches around 1813 but not baptized until 1851 at Glendalough and married a few days later there. He left for the US in 1852. Where would I look for his exact date of birth and parents or family?